Junk Car Removal

The experts at Al's Rubbish and Container Services are not limited to just offering trash removal and dumpster rental. In addition, we pick up junk cars for residents throughout Worcester County. Whether you live in Sutton, Oxford, Southbridge, or beyond, you'll be able to call on our professionals to perform the affordable junk car towing service that you need. Don't let an unsightly hunk of metal sully the appearance of your landscaping—just pick up the phone or shoot us an e-mail, and our car hauling service will be right there. Whether someone has abandoned a vehicle in your commercial parking lot, or you've given up trying to restore your old model, you can rest assured that our junk car removal service will arrive promptly and drive away with your old heap of scrap metal in no time.

From broken-down jalopies to rusted-out models—or even old project cars that have proved to be a bigger hassle than you bargained for—junked cars are simply unattractive and bulky. Taking up precious space on your lawn, on your driveway, or inside your garage, the only thing you can do with a scrap vehicle is have it removed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you're left with a huge eyesore and a lot less space. Al's Rubbish and Container Services is available to pick up junk cars anywhere in the Worcester area. That means you'll be able to call our convenient junk car removal service and have yours hauled away with virtually zero hassle.

At Al's Rubbish and Container Services, our car hauling service is actually even more convenient than the average company's given the trucks we have on hand. We already have specially designed trucks that allow for the easy transport of roll-off dumpster units, and this same trailer design also accommodates flatbeds. That means our hook-and-lift trucks will be able to pick up junk cars and carry them away with simplicity and efficiency. When it comes to junk car towing, we're Worcester's answer for competent, speedy service at every turn.

Whether you have a totaled SUV or the rusty remains of an old sedan, there's no vehicle too big or small for our junk car removal service. And because we're always striving to do our part for the community and environment, we try to recycle whatever salvageable parts we can. Junk car towing isn't easy, but with our 16 years of experience in the trade, we have the whole process running like a well-oiled machine. We're also available for emergency services if you simply cannot wait to get that old hunk o' junk off your property. Contact our office by phone or e-mail to schedule a junk car pickup appointment today!

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