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Al's Rubbish and Container Services - Roll-off DumpstersAre you now undertaking your annual house cleaning effort? Do you have plans to replace all of your building's siding? Are you almost finished renovating your entire basement? Whatever kind of residential or commercial project you have in store, you'll need a safe, convenient depository for all of your loose garbage, unwanted items, and construction debris. At Al's Rubbish and Container Services, we offer a wide variety of dumpster rentals designed to make your property cleanup project much more successful. We offer several different kinds of units for roll-off dumpster rental, which allows you to determine precisely which option best suits your garbage removal needs. If you opt to perform your junk hauling project yourself, or if you have an ongoing renovation project, you'll be able to rent a roll-off unit from our dumpster service without any hassle.

Al's Rubbish and Container Services- Dumpster DimensionsAt Al's Rubbish and Container Services, our roll-off dumpster rental units can be dropped off at your address in a location of your choosing. We'll take care to protect your property and adhere to any special instructions you might give us. When you arrange a drop-off or pickup appointment with us, you'll be able to work according to your own schedule. We vow to be prompt and punctual no matter what. We're your answer for top-notch convenience and reliability in Worcester and beyond, so contact our office today to learn more.

Our dumpster rental prices vary depending on the size and duration of your rental. All of our rental periods are ten days, but if you require additional time, you're more than welcome to take more time at an additional, per diem charge. When it comes to deciding on the size of your roll-off unit, you can select from four different sizes: 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards. The dumpster rentals at Al's Rubbish and Container Services are designed with your convenience and satisfaction in mind, and each size caters to different types of projects. Below is a list of the specific dimensions of all four units and the items that are best suited for each.

10-Yard Dumpsters

[12ft x 8ft x 3ft]

  • Spring cleaning rubbish
  • Refuse from a minor basement cleanout
  • Refuse from a one-car garage cleanout
  • Debris from a bathroom remodel
  • Old carpeting

15-Yard Dumpsters

[13ft x 8ft x 4ft]

  • Garbage from a whole-house cleanout
  • Refuse from a large-scale basement cleanout
  • Waste from a two-car garage cleanout
  • Old shingles
  • Debris from a kitchen remodel
  • Two rooms' worth of furniture

20-Yard Dumpsters

[14ft x 8ft x 6ft]

  • Basement renovation materials
  • Deck removal debris
  • Home window replacement materials
  • Two-car garage construction materials
  • Siding materials from a small home or garage
  • Roofing materials

25-Yard Dumpsters

[16ft x 8ft x 6ft]

  • General construction debris
  • Whole-house renovation remnants
  • Refuse from a commercial property cleanout
  • Commercial roofing materials
  • Landscaping waste (including trees and shrubs)
  • Debris from small-scale demolition

Whether you're a homeowner, real estate agent, or commercial property manager, you'll see the unique benefits of Al's Rubbish and Container Services as soon as you call. Boasting a friendly staff, flexible scheduling, and affordable rates, our team is your one-stop solution for when you want to clean up your property at your own pace. With our roll-off dumpster rental options, you'll be equipped with all the tools you need for a truly successful project. For more information about our dumpster rental prices and how to make an appointment for your very own dumpster service, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us. Offering dependable dumpster rentals in Sutton, Oxford, and beyond, we're here to help!

The dumpster service at Al's Rubbish and Container Services is not available for radioactive, volatile, highly flammable, explosive, biomedical, infectious, toxic, or hazardous materials.

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